Solidified To Be One Of A Kind, Selldretti Is The Artist To Watch For in 2021

Musicians know the one language, and that has the vigour to reach legions at the same time. The language is of course music, a sort of therapy that has been travelling through hearts and savvying emotions on a global scale. Keeping up with the list, we came across one artist, Selldretti, who has been the favorite hip-hop star knocking down the aisle with his transparency over tunes and making his fans experience one-of-a-kind genre.

Walker Vernal Seldon, popularly hailed as Selldretti, is an independent hip-hop artist from Columbus, GA. As recognized to be one of the versatile personalities, he is professionally an Army officer serving his first contract. Selldretti’s name is also recorded as the first Black male from Columbus, Ga to graduate from the United States Military Academy (USMA). Because of this achievement, the Mayor of Selldretti’s hometown, B.H. “Skip” Henderson III, presented Selldretti with a proclamation to announce the day June 22nd as “2nd Lieutenant Walker Vernal Seldon Day.”

Selldretti began the passion from scratch by recording from his phone in his dorm basement in college, and now he is moving with a rising graph every single day. Over the last couple of years, Selldretti has accumulated millions of streams with his many singles, albums, EP and mixtape. With the capability of making everyone twirl on the beats, the connection between his vocal and the devotee, this surely goes to show the amount of craft Selldretti puts in to keep himself on the top.

Selldretti is one of the future, leading idols for many draw inspiration. His rhythms have a complexion that churns above the line and makes a different genre altogether. People don’t just follow him for his voice but are also influenced by the positive vibes he adds to every cord. Selldretti is the young reservoir full of boiling talent bringing out a change in the hip-hop scene. His sounds have a deep meaning that resonates with people, and that every composition he makes delivers a soulful impact. By this observation, this concludes that he would be one to lead the hip-hop lane in coming times.

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