DNORRi; from an army brat to an emerging artist who never gave up on his destination

Marvelling at music is a different blessing altogether. To some, it comes inherently, while others are inspired by established idols. Another kind is “self-taught”; the most interesting stories. There is a real kind, that can persuasively captivate minds.

Similar is the tale of “ Dnorri”, who lived in military segments in one of the earnest city of the United States — California.

His step father was a military soldier which gave the opportunity to Dnorri and his family to relocate from North Carolina to see a whole new habitat outside of their disciplined zone.

Fortunately born among such broad-minded brains, his family never let Dnorri and his brother step on the same structure and let them choose their choices by engaging in sports, modelling, instrumental lessons and all that jazz.
Dnorri felt himself involving more in music. His journey took a turn on the day when his mother pulled up on a white and black studio building. The windows were full of music notes and seaside studio designs and it caught the Dnorri’s eye so familiarly like the comfort of his own house. That vibe and inside glimpse lead Dnorri to switch onto writing.
Luckily, his family stood out as a pillar and gave Dnorri a karaoke machine to record on, to get more into sound. By the help of mic and recording tapes, he had been spending his penny hours in writing, singing, and recording vocals, which got him to gather more knowledge of his craft. And from that moment on, he has been celebrating his experiences and pieces until this date.
From doing talent shows all his grade and high school to chant the melodies in church choirs.
Dnorri has worked his way to the top. His perseverant personality made him a tough cookie even in the times when he felt like turning the page.

In the course of time, Dnorri developed a more artistic persona as his Dad stepped in and became his shoulder who supported him throughout by playing the role of his best friend. Their friendliness in context of Dnorri’s music career became a priority and they never use to realize the hours they spent in playing Dnorri’s songs, discussing music and the long-range plans for Dnorri if he keeps on sinking his teeth into Music.

The other blessing Dnorri received as no one but his better-half, his wife. They together somehow made a team and managed to get CD copies made, labelled, and cut out thousands of CD covers for the front and back cases in their small love-filled apartment.

Dnorri never left a single expression in chancing upon his destiny and hr dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s to get ahead and reach out his goal. He sold his CD’s at work, to friends and used to put them in clothing stores, gas stations, barbershops and some for free as well just to get recognized and praised for his art and endeavor.

Since then, he never looked back and continued to plot his labor. From performing at my Family Reunions to auditioning for music reality shows like Sean Combs “Puff Daddy” Making the Band, American Idol, to ending up outside of a night club in Miami, singing for Mario Winans a Singer/Songwriter/producer/

multi-instrumentalist during the MTV Awards weekend, singing on the spot for Epic Record label in a parking lot, promoting on social media platforms, Mixtapes, magazines doing shows, getting onto music charts, music blogs; Dnorri worked his way hard to build himself up for the pinnacle and did everything to receive the excellence, to make the audience celebrate his raw art of music.
Now all the grind has started to pay off. Even during the Coronavirus pandemic and with all the madness that’s come with 2020 and all the highs and lows in life, 2020 has still been nothing, but blessings and winning. All the grinding caught the attention from “Uneekint” a Music Mogul/Influencer/Songwriter/B-list artist, that immediately landed “Dnorri” management, along with “Uneekint” getting him signed to High Performance/Sony/The Orchard.
Dnorri is now more onto the platform than ever and gives all of us an inspiring tale to narrate on.

Keep on truckin’




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